Exposure Sport Holds trials for people aged between 10-23 years old. Exposure Sport Guarantees trials will be attended by Professional Academy Scouts, Agents and University College Coaches.


All participants will be made to feel welcome and hopefully fully relaxed, meaning Exposure Sport gets to see the best of you!


→Once you arrive a member of the Exposure Sport Team will greet you, note your name and date of birth on the register and direct you to the appropriate age group.


→You will be assigned a numbered bib making sure we can easily identify you during the trial process.


→You will then meet your Coach for the day who will give you a brief introduction about how the day will unfold.


→This will be followed by a 30 minute warm up, which will include stretching, ball retention and a basic football drill.


→Finally, there will be a 60 minute full sided game. (players will be asked to play in different positions throughout) “versatility is fundamental in today’s professional game.”


Colleges in the United States of America annually award Scholarships to promising athletes. You can study for a world class degree whilst playing high level college sports. A Scholarship means that the college pays all or part of your fees and living costs while studying. With our experience of the U.S. Scholarship System, Exposure Sport can guide you through the application process. Using our University contacts, we can negotiate placements for talented athletes.


Exposure Sport helps young athletes from Europe, Africa and Australasia, with an opportunity to showcase their athletic ability and academic credentials to coaches representing University sports programs within the United States of America


The aim of Exposure Sport is to provide young Athletes with an alternative route to develop both their academic and sporting potential. Exposure Sport will provide Sports and Academic Scholarship opportunities in American Universities, along with practical advice and support with VISA’s (I 20) and SAT’s (Scholastic Aptitude Tests) etc.

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Throughout the trial process the Academy Scouts & Agents continually identify the players showing good tactical awareness, temperament and general all round skill level.



The Scouts/Agents/Coaches and the Exposure Sport Team sit down together to discuss the relevant players identified.

Players Identified will be contacted by Telephone and Email and told about the next steps.



Exposure Sport inevitably wants to Expose some Fresh Talent and hopefully move and guide these players to the next level.